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There are some important reports that the ACM churches in Quebec are required to complete each year.

CMA Local Church Annual Report

In order to get a better picture of the state of our family of churches in Canada, we ask each local church to complete the Annual Report of the local church and send it to the National Office of ACM Canada no later than February 15th.

Local Community Financial Report - RF50

The ACM in Quebec must produce a consolidated financial report that includes the financial statements of all its churches. To do this,, which is a uniform financial report. It must be sent to the Saint-Laurent district office electronically no later than March 1st. A guide is available to treasurers to help them correctly complete the RF50 report.

Federal Report T3010

Every year, registered charity churches (OBEs) must send the Canada Revenue Agency's Registered Charity Information Return (T3010) to the Canada Revenue Agency . The deadline for submitting this report is June 30th. If a church does not send its report in time, its registration number may be withdrawn, which would make it lose the right to issue official receipts.  

Provincial Report TP985.22

The same rule applies at the provincial level. Churches recognized as charitable organizations must send TP 985.22 to Revenu Québec no later than June 30th.